Targeted Traffic FAQ

Why should I buy web traffic at all?

If you want to have success with your website or your product, you have to pay for traffic in any case. What about free methods to generate traffic? They have their merits, but to call these traffic methods free is only a fallacy. Multiply the work that you put into generating free traffic with some reasonable hourly rate and see what the cost of SEO and friends really is. There is also another hidden cost. SEO and social marketing works only with a large delay. Put the work in today, but earn over the next years...

Where does your traffic come from?

TrafficMesh is a large niche site network consisting of many smaller and some larger sites with publishers seeking to monetize their audience. Additionally we are aggregating expired domain traffic as it is also to some extent targeted. Each day we collect millions of visitors from this MESH network and redirect them to our customers. The result is a combination of quite targeted but very affordable traffic.

How are the visitors relayed to my site?

Your website will be shown in a full page popunder window. The advantage compared with popup windows is that a popunder is less annoying. Compared with standard display ads, the popunder may be associated less with forced marketing.

How does this traffic compare to other marketing methods?

The typical PPC (per per click) advertising like Google's AdWords is very expensive compared to our traffic. Let's make an example and assume $1.00 per AdWords click vs $0.002 per visitor from us. That's a stunning factor 500! Of course, their targeting is also better than ours. At the other end of the marketing spectrum we have the banner impression. It is also cheap, but not as cheap as our popunder view. But there is another huge difference. The banner impression is not a visit! Only the very few people who actually click on the ad come to your site. Click rates for image ads are typically smaller than 1%. You will receive way less real visitors with banner advertising for your money than with buying our traffic.

How does the targeting work?

With our vast niche website network and the keywords in expired domain names we are able to categorize visitors by interest into a few hundred categories. We also offer geo-targeting based on the IP address of the traffic origin.

Will I make sales?

Due to the large number of visitors we send to you combined with our targeting options we consider our traffic as an inexpensive alternative to more traditional ads. The achieved ROI, on the other hand, depends still on your product and your landing or sales page. As with all forms of marketing some trial and error is necessary.

How should I try to make sales?

Web masters who want to make more direct sales with their website will love our product. Our traffic is really affordable and yet converting to sales. Depending on the niche and your setup you may see astonishing ROIs and that without the extensive work PPC requires. However, there is one thing to take care of. Your landing page should not look like an advertisement. Keep in mind that visitors are sent to your page without having clicked on anything. The sales page that doesn't look like one is often the better choice. Ignite the visitors interest in your site with your landing page and present them your product unobtrusively or even indirectly. Another good idea is to use a large and central image that works as an eye-catcher.

Here you will find our free ebook about how to convert website traffic into actual sales.

I don't have a product. What now?

Our traffic works especially great for building a list if you manage to ignite the visitors interest with your landing page.

What if I also don't have a list or even a website?

That is also no problem! Our traffic can be redirected to affiliate networks and their products.

Are there other benefits in buying your traffic?

Yes. For instance, you could be after long-term brand awareness. Not only immediate results count. It is also the recurring visitor who is valuable.

Does your traffic have an SEO effect?

Yes. The traffic driven to your website will also spice up your search engine rankings. That is really true! Google is monitoring the whole web in realtime. Visitors flowing to your site and interacting with it will position your site better in Google's search results over time.

What is Alexa traffic?

Alexa traffic is specifically targeted in that visitors have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers. Its goal is to increase the Alexa rank for a website. Please be aware that Alexa takes not only visitor numbers into account for their ranking. Important are also other factors like the age of a website and its contents. Don't expect the Alexa traffic packages to do miracles with a new or almost empty website.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that we deliver all visitors you ordered. However, we cannot guarantee what results you will achieve.

What kind of landing pages or websites are not allowed?

Sites with malicious or illegal content are not allowed. Sites with adult content must use the adult traffic package. Pages that result in additional popup, popunder, or interstitial windows interfere with our system and are not welcome. The same holds true for automatically playing sound. Generally all pages that are deemed to be intrusive cannot be accepted, because we have to make our publishers also happy. Javascripts that change windows sizes, break frames, change the home page, add to favorites, and so on fall also in that category. However, there is an exception for autosound and popups (see below).

What about playing sound and opening new windows automatically?

Autosound and popup/popunder windows are allowed for the targeted and Alexa traffic packages. You will have to mark your order accordingly. We have to run autosound and window popping pages in a special network that runs slower as most publishers view these things as an annoyance. For the casino and adult traffic packages both are not allowed at all.

Can I tweak or change the landing page after my traffic campaign started?

Yes, but don't let it play sound or pop up windows if it didn't so before. Of course, injecting outright forbidden contents after the approval is also against our TOS. Don't try it. We are monitoring the traffic destination even after the approval.

Is it okay that the target URL redirects to another destination?

Yes, but there are exceptions. Don't try to sell our traffic for a higher price to someone else.

Is your traffic AdSense safe?

Google has complex and ever changing terms of services. We don't dare to speak for them. Generally we advise against putting AdSense directly on the landing page, but they may be okay with it. At least at times... Be careful here!

Can I use your traffic service to send visitors directly to an affiliate network?

Yes, but again, it is important to study the TOS of the network. We don't put any restrictions on that, but they may do or prohibit it even technically.

When will my traffic campaign start?

We are manually reviewing and approving all orders. Expect that process to take one business day. At times we have to delay the activation of an order further, depending on the network load.

Do you guarantee such a quick delivery of large numbers of visitors?

The selected delivery time frame is only a preference. Depending on what targeting you chose, we may need substantially longer to send all bought visitors to your site.

My stats counter suggests that you delivered fewer visitors than I ordered?

Website statistics systems differ largely in their results. One common reason is that counter code doesn't get executed at all, which means that a visitor is not counted by the system. Another common reason is that a page gets closed too quickly so that the tracking address gets not requested. Our network system software is state of the art. We also strive to have satisfied customers. Be assured that our tracking is as reliable as possible. If you need nonetheless further sources of trust, we encourage you to use the URL shortener, which has a tracking facility that matches roughly our tracking results.

Should I give it a try?

Yes! Our traffic is reasonably cheap compared to its conversion qualities. Perhaps a traffic boost could be exactly the right thing now to grow your website or online business?

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