Traffic Purchase Agreement

All traffic orders that are placed through TrafficMesh™ and its associated network sites are subject to this traffic purchase agreement. By using the TrafficMesh™ site and its associated network sites you are further agreeing to our privacy policy, our general TOS, and our disclaimer. By giving us a traffic purchase order, you acknowledge that you have fully understood and accepted all of the following terms and conditions.

Traffic purchased from us is sent AS IS to your chosen landing page URL. That means that there is no guarantee that this traffic will match your goals. Especially we cannot guarantee that it is converting into sales or that it yields an ROI above 100% or anything like that. Bringing in sales is highly dependent on the product and the landing page design.

The traffic will be sent to your chosen landing page URL. If there is an error with the submitted URL, traffic already delivered is not refundable. We will, however, stop the campaign and restart it with the correct address upon request.

If your website, host, or server is having technical difficulties that results in some of the traffic being sent without visitors having seen your landing page, you will not hold us responsible. Mentioned technical difficulties include all types of errors like 404 errors, timeout errors, DNS errors, bandwidth limitations, and so on. It is your obligation to keep your website responsive. Keep an eye on it as there are many potential problems.

Orders are entered into the system after manually reviewing them. This causes a delay of typically one business day. There are also load constraints that may force us to delay the activating of the order further. In other words, we cannot guarantee a specific starting date of the traffic campaign.

Generally we deliver all visitors you ordered. It just may take longer than the delivery time frame you selected. This selection has to be seen as a preference. We can't guarantee the delivery speed as it depends on many factors like other customer orders in the queue. For the packages above 100000 visitors we may even not be able to deliver all of them in 60 days.

We guarantee to send the number of visitors that you ordered to the URL specified in the order within two month or less of the campaign activation date for package sizes below 100000 visitors and a sufficiently large geo-target. This guarantee excludes pages with automatically playing sound, as these have to run in a slower network. (See below)

The above is the sole guarantee we offer for any of our traffic packages. Because of the nature of Internet traffic, we shall not be liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, by our traffic service.

If we cannot deliver the number of visitors you bought within two month of the campaign activation date, you are eligible for a pro-rata refund. Again, this guarantee holds only true for packages below 100000 visitors and a sufficiently large geo-target with no auto-sound. Campaigns not meeting these conditions may run substantially longer than two month, but we will eventually send all visitors that you bought.

TrafficMesh™ uses state of the art network system software. We are interested in satisfied customers and have therefore an up-to-date tracking system. By giving us an order, you acknowledge that you understand that different website statistics tools produce different results. You also acknowledge that you understand that different landing page designs and different counter code positioning may result in grossly different counting results, especially if visitors leave the page quickly and the code is not executed at all. This can simply happen, for instance, caused by a lack of interest. There are also many other factors that limit the accuracy of statistics tools. Therefore you agree that we have to view our tracking stats as the binding measure.

The same holds true for our targeting options. Different website statistics software will show different results, for instance, for the geo-targeting. Again, our stats are the official measure here.

Target URLs that point to a website with malicious content like viruses or to content that is illegal are not allowed. Annoying Javascript programs like changing a browser's home page or adding your site to the favorites, highjacking of cookies, and any other blackhat methods are also considered malicious. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes malicious, annoying, and otherwise inappropriate content. Mature content is only allowed with our adult traffic offer.

Landing pages with automatically playing sound or that are opening new windows are allowed, but are run in a special and slower network, as many of our publishers view sound or popups as an annoyance. You therefore agree that you won't make changes to your landing page and let it play sound or open new windows after we approved and activated your order and put it into the fast rotation.

We also cannot accept traffic campaigns to landing page addresses that result in any other forms of annoyance. E.g., frame breaking and window size changing etc. by Javascript is not allowed. We reserve the right to determine what is tolerable and what is not. Don't worry, mostly we are okay with all things you do with your visitors that don't make them unhappy.

Redirecting URLs may or may not be allowed. E.g., piggybacking other networks or, for that matter, any sort of arbitrage is forbidden. Again, we reserve the right to determine whether a redirection is tolerable or not. Generally you can assume that redirecting to an affiliate network with the purpose of making a sale as an affiliate is welcome. The use of the URL shortener for tracking purposes is also allowed and even encouraged.

You acknowledge that you understand the necessity of the three paragraphs above and that you therefore will not try to submit an order that violates these rules, nor change the content and design of the landing page URL and the website as a whole with regard to the forbidden content types after we approved your order and activated the traffic campaign. In case of a violation of this rule, we have to stop the campaign immediately without giving you a refund on a pro-rata basis.

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