Privacy policy is the main site of the TrafficMesh network. To sweeten and shorten your reading of this page, TrafficMesh stands for this whole network in the text below.

We respect everybody's privacy. By that we mean that we don't collect your email addresses and sell them to third parties or misuse them otherwise.

Please be aware that TrafficMesh is a money making operation and as such display objects of others like ads, affiliate links, and other embedded objects on its pages, downloads, and other forms of communication. If you follow these links or linking objects, you will land on web property of others. Most likely these external folks will have a very different idea of what privacy is. It is even possible that such an external object tracks your surfing behavior without any clicking on it by you and any chance to notice that by us! If you are intererested in these things, please refer to the privacy policies of these aliens.

We have a specific Traffic Purchase Agreement applicable to all traffic orders. There is also a page about our general TOS and about our disclaimer available.

Please use TrafficMesh only if you are able and happily willing to comply with our TOS outlined on these pages.

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