TrafficMesh.com is the main site of the TrafficMesh network. To sweeten and shorten your reading of this page, TrafficMesh stands for this whole network in the text below.

TrafficMesh offers various materials for browsing, downloading, or buying. These materials are of informational nature only, which means, among other things, they are offered "as is". TrafficMesh does not take any liability or responsibility for these materials or what you do with them or what happens if you are using them.

TrafficMesh offers various services. All of these services are sold "as is". That means we can't give you any guarantee that these services will have the suggested effect on your website, your web site traffic or sales.

This is a monetized operation! TrafficMesh displays ads and links to affiliate offers or own products and we are getting compensated for doing so. Please keep in mind that everything, including what may look like a recommendation, on TrafficMesh is always only meant informational and in so far it is only the personal opinion of its author.

We have a specific Traffic Purchase Agreement applicable to all traffic orders. There is also a page about our general TOS and about our privacy policy available.

Please use TrafficMesh only if you are able and happily willing to comply with our TOS outlined on these pages.

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