About Traffic MESH

TrafficMesh™ is a company that specializes in web traffic services. We are headquartered in Europe, but offer support also at normal work times in North America. Our network of partnering publisher sites is international and thus we can deliver web traffic based on any geo-target.


The MESH is a huge niche site network consisting of anything ranging from small personal blogs to large media outlets and portals. Our publishers partner with us in order to monetize their traffic. We also interface with heterogenous networks of expired domains. Finally the partnership with some smaller search engines complete the mix. We only accept external traffic sources that are giving us at least a hint about their visitors and what they are looking for, so that we can offer reasonably targeted traffic based on categories.

On top of the MESH we have an integrating network system software running, which enables us to drive targeted and prequalified traffic to your website. All that for an absolutely affordable price.

For which purposes can our targeted traffic be useful?

  • Web masters who want to make more direct sales with their website will love it. Our traffic is unbelievable cheap and yet converting to sales. Depending on the niche and your setup you may see astonishing ROIs and that without the near "scientifical" work PPC requires. Your product should be of general interest and your landing page should look not like a sales page or advertisement for this use case. Ignite the visitors interest in your site with your landing page. Your product comes later.
  • You don't have a product? Our traffic works also great for building a list.
  • You don't have a list or even a website? That is also no problem! Our traffic can be redirected to affiliate networks and their products.
  • Long-term brand awareness. Not only immediate results count. It is also the recurring visitor who is valuable.
  • Traffic driven to your website will also spice up your search engine rankings. Yes, that's true! Google is monitoring the whole web in realtime. Visitors flowing to your site and interacting with it will position your site better in Google's search results.

As with all forms of marketing some trial and error is necessary. For that reason we have various package sizes with progressively increasing discounts for the larger ones.

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